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Polish-Hearts Canada: Our Mission

The mission of Polish-Hearts Canada is to replenish the demand for girls from Poland among the men of this distant, cold northern country. We decided to start this branch of our Polish dating service to assist Canadians of Polish origin to find the juiciest online dating opportunities in the span of only a few hours or days. The service has the integration of popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We store only credible, verified profiles of the Polish girls who are safe and sound to date in Canada from the day 1 of start chatting with her.

Polish-Hearts Canada: Our Mission

Polish-Hearts Canada hosts girls of different age groups, social status, and welfare. The general criteria according to which you can divide the audience of our dating service relies on age categories. Among those, you can meet Polish users of the following age:

- Girls from 20 to 30. These are young, sexy girls who are rich with hopes to find a dating partner who shares the same ethnic background and cultural values carried by all Polish people without any geographical borders. They’re looking for guys of the same age but that’s not the fixed formula. Substantial percentage of this age category is interested in older people who can provide them guidance and support in healthy, long-term relationships.

- Ladies from 30 to 45. The broades age category at our Polish dating website. Women of that age know what they want not only from life. Their requirements for the men who are they going to date are distinct, so expect to fit them or else. If you’re a man in your 30s or 40s, you’ll chat with those ladies most of the time because they’re interested exactly in a man like you.

- Adults from 45+. Second popular category of the users. They’re interested in dating men who are older than them for 5+ years. Those adult women need guarantees that their personal time spent on communication should lead to something greater than a mere casual date. As a man, you should understand that adults of such age do not have time and energy to waste into the emptiness. Show your true intentions from the very start to know if they’re interested in a man like you.

How Polish-Hearts Canada is Different from Other Dating Services

Our dating service is the sole solution on the territory of Canada that unites people of Polish origin on the vast territory. From Alberta to Vancouver, we host users of Polish origin seeking for romantic relationships, starting a family, or having casual fun time spent during all sorts of dates. This makes Polish-Hearts a special place to seek for Polish people, mostly women, if you’re a man who is actively looking to start a new page in your own private life.